I’m Danny and I am a hobby photographer with a day job. I have only worked with a few people up until now, but so far I have discovered that I adore low light and a more artistic look. I am hoping to make portraiture my “day job” at some point. I am looking to shoot more on location. 

I am currently shooting mostly for collaborations with those who would be happy to shoot with me. I am looking to fine tune a few techniques and establish a look that is all my own. I am primarily focused on glamour portraiture but do shoot the occasional boudoir and fine arts nude. If you are looking to work with someone who is willing to take the time to get the shots while having fun, I would be happy to shoot with you. If you are interested in creating something artistic, thought provoking, interesting, wall art worthy, or something you haven’t tried and would like to have in your portfolio, drop me a message.

If I’ve managed to interest you, drop me a note. (Shameless plug) I am currently working to get this website up and running. 

If you are interested in creating with me, you can contact me here and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.I look forward to working with as many new faces as possible.